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Aether Biomedical’s first flagship product: A multi-action bionic limb for upper limb amputees

Announcing our investment in Aether Biomedical, which aims to make bionics accessible to everyone

We are excited to announce our investment in Aether Biomedical. We invested alongside Chiratae Ventures and Joyance Partners in this round.

Data-driven rehabilitation has the potential to make life better for millions of people. Aether Biomedical is building data-driven rehabilitation robotics devices to help us get there. What makes Aether Biomedical unique is its strong focus on the latest technological advancements, in particular in the field of biosignal processing.

Making data-driven rehabilitation a reality is a multi-step challenge. Each step on its own has the potential to benefit millions and is worth pursuing. Initial offerings of Aether Biomedical will focus on amputees (more on that below). Over time, offerings will expand to a much broader audience to also help patients with injured body parts recover much faster.

Aether Biomedical is currently launching its first flagship prod

uct Zeus (see picture above). Zeus is a bionic limb for upper limb amputees. Upper limb amputations alone are a big deal. There are more than 10 million according to recent estimates. The vast majority of amputees live in developing countries and do not yet have access to adequate prostheses. Zeus will provide one of the highest grip forces on the market and is packaged in an ele

gant design while maintaining a price that is much more affordable than most competitors. It has managed to do so by incorporating the latest technological advances from several fields, including additive manufacturing, biosignal processing, and machine learning. You can learn more about Zeus here: https://www.aetherbiomedical.com/product

Aether Biomedical was founded by Dhruv Agrawal and Dr. Faith Jiwakhan. From our first interaction with the two, we were impressed by their market understanding and technical capabilities. Shortly after, another thing became apparent: Dhruv and Faith have been able to assemble an incredibly strong and complementary team. The team has grown to 12 people covering all relevant functions from hardware to software to business.

What got us interested in this team was its bold vision; what made us invest was its relentless drive, day in and out, to make this vision a reality.

We are thrilled to support Dhruv, Faith, and the rest of the team on their entrepreneurial journey.

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