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Cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices can be hacked. Tight security measures are needed to guarantee privacy. This will only become more important as billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are coming to market in the future.

Random number generators play a critical role in making devices secure. To ensure full privacy of communication, cryptography needs to be built directly into the end device’s chip.

Different approaches to random number generators exist. They can be algorithmic or physical. Algorithmic approaches are much more common. However, the fact that they were programmed to follow some algorithmic logic prevents them from being perfectly random. This poses a security risk. Advances in quantum computing will likely make exploiting algorithmic approaches even easier. (Although, the jury on when these might happen is still out). By using natural physical processes, solutions can be truly random. However, current approaches tend to be very expensive, temperature-sensitive, or otherwise hard to incorporate into consumer devices.


The team is working on a physical solution for a true random number generator. The solution is centered around beta decay and will produce perfect random numbers. It will also be inexpensive to make and easy to integrate into typical chips. Finally, it will be independent of temperature, pressure, and acceleration.

It takes an extraordinary team of multidisciplinary scientists for the task. We believe we have found such a team with RANDAEMON. It consists of Dr. Krzysztof Appelt, Dr. Janusz Borodziński, Dr. Wiesław Kuźmicz, and Dr. Jan “Kuba” Tatarkiewicz. They possess decades of scientific and entrepreneurial experience. They have also known each other for decades: the longest relationship in the team goes back over half a century. Finally, they have already obtained the critical patents to build out their envisioned solution.

We are thrilled to support RANDAEMON on its big mission to build true random number generators to enable much more secure devices.

PS: Bonus of investing in such an experienced team in times of Covid 19: All four co-founders have long had both of their Covid shots 🙂

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