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Solvemed Group

We are excited to announce our investment in Solvemed Group. We invested EUR 450k, which is our first round maximum.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the fastest-growing neurological disorder, with 10 million people suffering globally. Unfortunately, it is difficult and expensive to diagnose. More importantly, most of the time, it is not diagnosed early on. Something that two of the co-founders had to experience first-hand in their families. Solvemed wants to change this. Its long-term goal is to revolutionize PD diagnostics by drastically reducing costs and making much earlier and better diagnosis possible.

It takes an army of brilliant people to have a shot at making this big vision a reality. Ever since our first meeting with the founders, we have been impressed with their dedication to the cause, work ethic, and drive. We have also been impressed by the caliber of people they have convinced to join them. They have been working closely with experts from top life science innovation ecosystems such as Cambridge in the UK and from leading research institutions such as Oxford University, University College London, King’s College London, Harvard Medical School, and Duke University.

The PD diagnostics market exists; however, it has not seen many relevant innovations, especially in early-stage diagnostics. Solvemed tracks novel digital biomarker data of patients and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and provide clinical insights. The primary beneficiaries will be patients. Also, Solvemed’s efforts have the potential to improve healthcare systems by optimizing relevant care pathways, reducing the financial burden imposed by inadequate diagnostics. Finally, the team has started to work with the biopharmaceutical industry to help drive clinical trial efficiency, which is needed to make disease-modifying drugs a reality.

We are thrilled to support Solvemed Group on their big mission to revolutionize Parkinson’s disease care.


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