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Sunfish Partners Launches Fund to Invest in Polish Deep Tech Startups

Sunfish Partners just announced the closing of its early stage fund to invest in Polish deep tech startups. The focus on Poland is based on the hypothesis that this ecosystem is still suffering from a “talent-funding-mismatch”: Many talented founders with a strong technical background don’t have access to enough experienced investors, especially at the seed stage.

The team at Sunfish Partners brings along many years of experience as founders, business angels, company builders, and VCs. It operates from offices in Warsaw and Berlin. Sunfish Partners will invest in founders with strong expertise in data science or engineering who are employing new technologies (including but not limited to machine learning and blockchain) to take a fresh look at existing industries or to help build up the industries of the future. Typically, Sunfish Partners invests €250k as an initial investment and reserves an additional €500k for follow-on investments.

Sunfish Partners has managed to attract many successful Polish and international entrepreneurs and investors as limited partners in the fund. In addition, Sunfish Partners will be among the largest funds to date to launch under the PFR Starter program. The fund was structured with the help of Schnittker Möllmann Partners.

In addition to this website, you can learn more about Sunfish Partners by following them on Twitter (@sunfishpartners) and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/sunfish-partners).

The Sunfish Partners team (from left to right: Max Moldenhauer, Christian Weiss, Marcus Erken, Artur Karczykowski)

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