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Announcing our investment in PerfOps, which offers global traffic monitoring and optimization for everyone

We’re excited to announce our investment in PerfOps (www.perfops.net). We invested alongside Finch Capital in this seed round.

Cloud Providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and Domain Name Service (DNS) providers are a critical building block of any company’s internet infrastructure. There are many providers to choose from in this space. Companies are in real need for tools to properly evaluate, monitor, and optimize traffic routing among the many alternatives.

Enter PerfOps.

PerfOps has been developing a suite of tools and services to bring transparency to the market. It allows its customers to analyze, continuously monitor, and test CDN- and DNS-providers. Customers can access insights in multiple ways: via the PerfOps website, via automatically generated PDF reports, via automated alerts, or by integrating PerfOps into their own infrastructure.

Screenshot from PerfOps’s website that highlights some of its current features.

To make the insights it generates more “actionable”, PerfOps has just launched its latest product: FlexBalancer. FlexBalancer is a cloud-based solution. Based on real-time data, it dynamically routes traffic to ensure optimal uptime (by automatically re-routing traffic to a healthy server), reduce latency (by automatically routing traffic to the server closest to the respective users), and load-balance traffic between multiple CDNs and cloud services. Overall, FlexBalancer allows its customers to boost application performance and reduce infrastructure costs.

Here are the three main reasons for our investment in PerfOps:

  • Transparency: PerfOps is commoditizing global traffic monitoring and management. It brings transparency to an intransparent market. It empowers users to make more informed decisions.
  • “Democratization”: Historically, professional load balancing was only available to large enterprises as it was expensive and required complex integration. With FlexBalancer, PerfOps will change this and – shall we dare to say – “democratize” load balancing. FlexBalancer makes professional load balancing available to anyone – from small website owners to large corporations. Anyone can save money by optimizing their bandwidth, cloud, and CDN expenses. It helps improve user conversion by lowering overall latency and re-routes traffic in case of downtime.
  • Dedication: PerfOps not only has a great mission but also brings with it a unique story. Its founder, Dmitriy Akulov, had to flee the war zone of his home country Ukraine three years ago. Starting a company is never easy. Doing so by bootstrapping is harder. Doing so in such a hostile environment is hard to beat. Today, PerfOps counts six full-time employees and is continuously growing.

We can’t wait to support Dmitriy and his team on their entrepreneurial journey!

From right to left: PerfOps founder Dmitriy Akulov with Artur Karczykowski, Marcus Erken, and Max Moldenhauer from Sunfish Partners

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