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Announcing our investment in Molecule.one, which offers AI-powered synthesis design for chemists.

We’re excited to announce our investment in Molecule.one

Synthesis design is a tedious and expensive process. Chemists need to spend much of their time on manual work that is not yet automated. Manually screening decades of knowledge, let alone keeping up with new knowledge in real-time, is not possible without cutting-edge technology. To master the complexity of synthesis design, chemists not only need sophisticated tools, but they also require these tools to be highly customizable.

Enter Molecule.one.

Molecule.one will automate large parts of the manual work of chemists in the synthesis design process. Users will simply draw the molecule of their choice and then, after just a couple of minutes, browse through multiple ways to make a molecule in a convenient interface. These ways will be ranked according to both general and user-defined criteria. The software will utilize massive amounts of data that cannot be processed using manual approaches. 

Here are the three main reasons for our investment in Molecule.one:

  • Paradigm shift: Molecule.one’s offering is a novelty on the market. It aims to change the paradigm of how chemists work on synthesis design. Molecule.one wants to free chemists from their tedious manual work. It wants to empower them to only work on the most valuable aspects of synthesis design.
  • Customization: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to organic synthesis planning. Since its inception, Molecule.one has been working very closely with chemists to create a user experience that’s highly customizable and collaboration-friendly.
  • Founder-market-fit: The founders’ whole career has been dedicated to founding and running Molecule.one. They met in high school, started thinking about this problem in college, and finally started it as a project in grad school. Deeply knowledgeable in Chemistry, Math, and Computer Science, they have the know-how to bring synthesis design to the 21st century. 

We are thrilled to support Piotr, Maxus, Pawel, and the rest of their team on their entrepreneurial journey!

From left to right: Molecule.one’s co-founders Paweł “Maxus” Włodarczyk-Pruszyński, Paweł Łaskarzewski, and Piotr Byrski with Max Moldenhauer, Artur Karczykowski, and Marcus Erken from Sunfish Partners

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