Hungry for innovation


The most exiting industries are just starting to evolve. We are keen on supporting entrepreneurial visionaries, developers, engineers, and researchers. In short, founders with brilliant ideas. Please contact us if you have an idea, a concept, or an MVP in one of these industries. We would love to get to know you and help you to turn your ideas into a successful business.


AI/ML based agents/applications will become more capable and mainstream in the near future and will require a lot of data to be trained.

Internet of Things

The emergence of connected devices has created a lot of  opportunities in the areas of security and interoperability.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR/AR technology is expected to replace smartphones in the near future and become the next multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity.

Big Data

Companies generate more and more diverse kinds of data ever faster. Leveraging these data will generate a lot of value for those capable of doing it.

Geo IT

The rise of delivery services and autonomous driving has fueled the demand for geo data and algorithms. Data will drive the car of the future, not gas.

Digital Health

The healthcare market is full of inefficiencies and regulatory challenges. Software will make the system cheaper and more personalized and accessible.

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