We are an early stage VC that invests in
Polish deep tech startups.



Sunfish Partners is an early stage VC that invests in Polish deep tech startups.

Pre-seed & seed stage

Typically, we invest PLN 2m (EUR 500k) and reserve an additional PLN 2m (EUR 500k) for follow-on investments in subsequent rounds.

Deep tech

We don’t focus on specific industries; we focus on technologies that enable fundamental change.

The founders we back have strong expertise in data science or engineering. They employ new technologies (including but not limited to machine learning and blockchain) to take a fresh look at existing industries or to help build up the industries of the future.

B2B & software focus

Given our team’s expertise and our ticket sizes, we prefer B2B business models over B2C business models and software over hardware companies.

Ambitious Polish teams that tackle global markets

The founders we back begin their entrepreneurial journey in Poland. What unites all of them is their global, entrepreneurial ambition. Most founders are present in multiple geographies such as Germany, the US, or the UK soon after launch.

Open to co-investments

We are open to co-investing with other business angels and VCs. However, we don’t need social proof. We have no problem to be the first and only early believers in a talented founding team.


Investments of Sunfish Partners

We have been investing out of our Sunfish Partners fund since 2019.

Making bionics accessible to everyone

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Creating the AI-powered future of chemistry

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Global traffic monitoring and optimization

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Building true random number generators

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Analyze company data & improve its quality

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Solvemed Group

Revolutionizing Parkinson’s disease care

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Entrepreneur & angel track record of partners before fund start

Since 2001, our partners have founded, supported, and financed more than 30 companies.

42matters offers a full suite of products and services for app intelligence and mobile audience data.

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Bitbond is the first global lending platform for small business loans.

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Chronext is a leading online destination for luxury watches.

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Foursource is the world’s largest sourcing network for B2B professionals in the apparel industry.

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iamYiam offers personalized nutritional, activity, and lifestyle recommendations by combining scientific data and DNA insights.

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Quandoo connects diners with the best restaurants around the world.

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Ramp Network is building the protocol powering fiat to crypto exchanges.

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Test IO offers human-powered QA testing for agile teams that take quality personally.

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The Digitals creates comprehensive digital communication.

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Uberall converts mobile searches into sales through the power of location marketing.

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Wooga builds games with thoughtful, compelling stories at their core.

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VC & incubator track record of partners before fund start

Our partners have also co-founded or run several company builders and incubators.





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